Ecclesiastes – Introduction

A group of Christians gather to discuss topics they consider too sensitive to bring up to others Christians. They believe that the Christian life is more than a set of nice sounding precepts. They do not think the Bible is deficient, or that God’s revelation is inadequate. It is simply that in many churches and organizations, there are so many taboo topics that if they raise certain questions openly, they will be frowned upon.

This group of Christians is not apocryphal. They are life and blood people with genuine concerns. But I think they have underrated the ability of Christian leaders to handle issues. Yet they are right on target in their questions. They ask questions like why the wicked prosper. Or questions like why some do not feel the abundant life Christians are suppose to have. How is it that they, who have abundant life, envy those who live a carefree existence? They wonder what outlook to life they need to have. Are they suppose to enjoy sensual pleasures?

Without any desire or attempt to deny their faith and commitment to Jesus Christ, they struggle quietly with dark arguments that come from their hearts, and with objections the world hurls at them, thinking that there is no help from the Word of God.

If you struggle with life issues that are so fundamental and foundational to your faith that you dare not bring them up, now is the time to tackle them. Solomon, the Teacher in Ecclesiastes, the wisest man (other than Jesus) to walk this earth, brings us through the confusing maze in life. He tells us that despite the apparent confusion, there is order, and life is to be enjoyed to the full.

The bottom line pursuit in everyone’s life is not money or any other tinsel by which this world is decorated. It is the pursuit of happiness. We acquire because we think our possessions bring us happiness. The Teacher examines how we can really enjoy life. God has given us a body and a soul. How can all dimensions of a person’s needs be met? For the one who wants to drink deeply of the life God designed for us, without fear of what man may say, I welcome you to study Ecclesiastes with me.

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