About Us

What we do at Grace for the Day

Our Mission is to serve God by helping people find God’s Grace. It may be the Grace of salvation, or the Grace of encouragement, or of Christian growth. We do not limit it too closely.

Our ministry is conducted primarily through the use of the internet. This is because it is the new mass media. It is able to reach people from around the world effectively and without waste. It gives the user choice. S/he can choose to read or listen only to what is relevant to him/her.

Our content comprises articles that can be printed and circulated without fuss. We also host audio messages for those who prefer to listen.

Our main content provider is Rev. Peter Eng. See his bio.

Our funding comes from Donations.

Our expenses are limited to web hosting and ministry administration.

Our mission field at this point is limited to providing scholarships for those in theological education.

About Rev. Peter Eng

Rev Peter Eng is an ordained minister from the Reformed Tradition (the Bible-Presbyterian Church in Singapore). His perspective to the Christian faith is truly global in scope, and truly local in application. He served the Lord in various capacities starting from his teenage years in the 70s. His undergrad studies were done in Singapore, his grad studies in the USA, and post-graduate studies in the United Kingdom, with additional post-grad research in Germany. Some of the people who contributed to his development are: the late Rev (Dr) Timothy Tow; Rev (Dr) Quek Swee Hwa; Dr John Sproule; Dr David Turner; and Dr Howard Marshall. He attributes his development to these men among others, and insists his short-comings as his own.

On the personal side, he is married to Lily and they have three children: Melodie, Krystal and Ariel; and a dog named Pebbles.

How We Relate to Other Christians

We recognize that Christians from different faith traditions have different expressions of our common faith. We encourage that which is common to all true believers while we make allowance for the free expression of different traditions. This website chooses not to link itself to any individual church or denomination, but we willingly host material from Christian writers of different traditions.

How We Relate to Other Religions

We recognize and accept the pluralistic world we live in. We recognize that adherents of other religions can be equally sincere or convicted about their faith as we are of ours. At the same time, the recognition of the right to individual choice does not amount to an affirmation that all religions lead to God. The different religions disagree in all fundamental areas, and it is a logical necessity that they cannot all be right. Following the example of Jesus Christ or Lord, we advocate individual freedom in one’s choice of faith. At the same time, we look forward to the time when Jesus Christ our Lord shall become the Lord of all creation; when every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.